"Excellent in achievement, environmentally friendly and competitive"


  • 1. Increasing the insight of religious knowledge based on faith and devotion
  • 2. Facilitating students to develop academic abilities optimally
  • 3. Carry out intensive, scheduled, effective and efficient learning for teachers and students
  • 4. Practicing independent life by fostering a disciplined, creative and critical life attitude
  • 5. Cultivating the spirit of excellence in the school community and cultivating a caring attitude towards the environment
  • 6. Completing and empowering learning media to the maximum to improve student academic achievement.
  • 7. Organizing competency and competition activities programs for teacher professional development and student achievement.
  • 8. Establish regular collaboration between schools, parents of students, and Stake Holders
  • 9. Complementing arts and sports facilities to improve performance in the arts and sports field.
  • 10. Fostering students into human beings with human character
  • 11. Organizing international activities
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